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Avana Method Inc.

Avana Method, Inc. is a partnership between Joyce A. Salvo and Christopher D. Salvo (A.K.A Kei). Please continue to read below about each person's experience and their role in the Avana Method, Inc.




Joyce A. Salvo CMHH, CHE, CRM

The Avana MethodTM  was developed by Joyce Salvo through years of research, personal consultations and the prayerful commitment to the Divine Creator to lovingly and unconditionally serve his children for their highest good according to Divine Will. As a Holistic Health Practitioner for the past 30 years, Ms. Salvo's education includes Certification as a Master of Holistic Healing from The Tree of Light Institute in Utah, in addition to certifications in Holistic Education and Reiki instruction. She has taught at area colleges and lectures throughout the United States. Her services include personal consultations at her office in Upstate New York and long distance consultations nationally and internationally.   In addition, she provides an extensive certified educational program in Holistic Health. Joyce has appeared on television, radio and works with physicians and pharmacists in an effort to blend traditional and holistic modalities. Her consultations concerning Nutrition, Herbology, Iridology, Kinesiology, Energy Healing, Reiki and Integrative Energy Work have assisted thousands of individuals in forming a positive path in their lives. This has lead to the development of the Avana Method an original program of integrative techniques and music focusing on the balance of free flowing unobstructive energy that promotes wellness on a physical, spiritual, mental and emotional level. When not away from her office, Ms. Salvo can be found at The Ground Up - A Vitamin, Herb & Natural Products center in Hamburg, New York.


Christopher D. Salvo

Christopher D. Salvo was born in Buffalo, NY and soon after his birth, began to show his interest and fascination with sound. By the age of two years old, Chris had his favorite toy, the plastic turntable and record collection. Not the ideal instrument of choice, but occasionally he would find his way into his parent’s 12” collections and of course their turntables. At nine years old, Chris progressed to the guitar, where he took professional lessons in music for several years. When Chris was about thirteen, he began playing out in clubs and bars as a guitarist for a punk/hardcore band and was the youngest by far of anyone else in the band. After experiencing music from the view of writing, and not stringent theory, Chris abandoned music lessons and music theory to return to the basics of sound, “What sounds good to me”? Chris stopped playing in bands by the age of seventeen because of changing music interests and constant band member conflicts that were taking away from the music experience. After a few years of music writing hiatus and the studying of different genres such as ambient, downtempo, experimental electronic, electronica, IDM, house, and breakbeats, Chris began to regress to a child and practice with those turntables again. After only a short period of time with a professional set of turntables, Chris had his first weekly dj residency at a club in Buffalo at the age of 22, where he was playing the genres downtempo, house, and breakbeats. Only after a couple years, Chris had three weekly residencies, and was enjoying his return to the music scene. Even though performing was an enjoyment in itself, Chris felt that he was still not expressing his creative energy to its fullest. In 2004, Chris purchased and assembled his first project studio, which he has been upgrading throughout the years. From that point on, Chris took more of a focus on the production side of music again and focused less on djing. He still occasionally does dj as a guest or at his current bi-weekly residency in Buffalo, NY again, but he sees himself doing more of the production and writing side of music for the years to come. Being influenced by such artists as Sasha, Deepdish, Ozgur Can, Chris Lake, DNTEL, Lali Puna, Nitin Sawhney, Caia, St. Germain, Blue Six, Miguel Migs, and his favorite compilation series Café del Mar, Chris continues to write and produce music by what he feels is the basics, “What sounds good to me”?


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